Freitag, 27. Februar 2009

First scribbles

Hey everybody,

I'd like to show you the first scribbles I realized after Camilla's script.
I won't explain anything further about what's going on in the story because I want you/the reader to understand it as it is drawn.
So please, if something isn't quite clear, tell us!! We really take every criticism seriously!!!

Okay, only some explications:
Of course nothing's on model in these drawings. The scribbles purpose is to set the camera angles, perspective and the rhythm of the narrative.
Some of the dialogue and caption texts will be reviewed, but if something seems odd, please tell us anyway!

So, we'll be happy to receive comments!!

Mittwoch, 18. Februar 2009

Finding Florence

Hey guys,
this time I wanted to show how we worked on our protagonist's look.
I remembered how many character designers let themselves be inspired by actors, singers or other celebrities. The first time I noticed this consciously was in Harald Siepermann's work who's well known for his excellent work for Disney and luckily has been a teacher at the animation school I went to.

I was looking for a shy and mysterious girl, some kind of a "dark" beauty, fragile but clever...
Well, of course I stumbled on Wynona Ryder ( she actually had a career back in the 90ties before she took up shoplifting). She was just perfect in any sense.
I especially thought of her character in "Girl, Interrupted".

After my cousin and me agreed on that type I did a lot of scribbles. This is just a selection.

We decided on a more feminine type and I worked out a few details.

Then we still needed that little "something" which made her look special. Camilla thought of giving her a special taste in clothes and we decided on a kind of elegant "gothic lolita" (yeah, stupid term, I know). That's convenient for me, since that style is very trendy and I can find TONS of reference.
Finally, we were really happy. I did a coloured version which you can see in my earlier posts. Hope that was interesting for you!

Sonntag, 15. Februar 2009


Florence’s background

Florence is a child who doesn’t know her father. She was raised in Rome by her French single mother Lydia, who refused to reveal the identity of the father. Florence is 15 when her mother dies of cancer. As she has no relatives who could care for her, she ends up in a public orphanage.

One year after Lydia’s death, the last Will and Testament of a well-known tycoon and notorious ladies’ man has a crucial impact on Florence’s future. On his death-bed, in the presence of a notary, Glauco Badetti appoints his illegitimate child as his sole heir. It is Florence.

Glauco nominates his brother Enrico as Florence’s guardian, and expresses his wish for her child to attend a boarding school with a tradition of academic excellence and rigorous disciplinary system. Switzerland is chosen.

Enrico suggests the Dénoirdieu College in Geneva, because “it’s one of the most exclusive international education institutions in the world”, says he. “Besides”, he adds, “it was our grand-grand-mother who contributed to the prestige and splendour of the school when she was headmistress. She’s the pride of our family.”

Glauco reproaches his brother. “There were strange rumours going about our grand-grand-mother. I wouldn’t be proud of her”, says he. Enrico blames him for being superstitious, but Glauco insists he doesn’t want Florence to attend the Dénoirdieu College.

Glauco dies that very night from lung complications. In his testament, he includes three clauses. He requests that his Will will be executed in all secrecy, in order to withhold Florence from the truth; that as testamentary executor and Florence’s guardian Enrico would act through the intermediation of a lawyer; that Florence would take possession of her inheritance only at the age of 24.

Convinced to work for the good of his niece, Enrico makes the decision not to indulge Glauco’s superstition. Instead he instructs a lawyer to contact Florence and tell her she will go to Geneva to attend the prestigious… Dénoirdieu College.

Mittwoch, 11. Februar 2009

The Abbess

Some more details about the background of the college:

The Abbess

The historical archives of the school refer that at the beginning of the twentieth century an Abbess became headmistress of the school. She chose severe educational methods, and gave the school grandeur and prestige.

Feared and respected by both students and members of the religious community, the abbess ran the school for 30 years, until she mysteriously disappeared.

The legend connected to the Abbess still survives in popular tales. It is rumoured that she was beautiful and never grew old. People who met her told she was a woman with magnetic, enigmatic eyes, intelligent, educated, and reserved. After her disappearance, strange rumours started going about.

The cemetery keeper claimed he had seen the Abbess moving around the graves in the dead of the night. A farmer claimed he had met her in the wood and he swore he had seen her vanish under his eyes. One of the students at the time revealed, before her suicidal, that the Abbess visited her every night in her dreams.

Freitag, 6. Februar 2009

The Dénoirdieu College

Hey again!
Thanks for all the comments! That's very motivating!!
Today I decided to blog about the background of the setting. I don't know if what I post is too much too read, so just tell me! I included some of my inspirational sketches. So far I'm still working on the final look of the place.
The story mostly takes place at the so-called Dénoirdieu College in Switzerland. But read for yourself! Enjoy!

History of Dénoirdieu College

Located in an isolated position on a hill that dominates the city of Geneva, the Dénoirdieu College was originally an abbey of monks. It was built in 1123 by Count Dénoirdieu, a famous alchemist.

The abbey consists of a complex of red brick buildings, which include a church, cloister, library, refectory, dormitories, and infirmary.

1860 Abbot Michel Lavrier established the Dénoirdieu College as a boarding school for higher education. A community of nuns joined the foundation in 1866, and the college, until then exclusively a male school, opened to female students.

The abbey was built on the site of a Celtic construction. The portal of the church, the colonnade and the walls are decorated with esoteric symbols. The presence of these symbols inside the abbey, and the mist that shrouds the area, have increased the mystery of the place.

Count Dénoirdieu

According to legend, Count Dénoirdieu was addicted to occultism, and had the ability to evoke spirits and demons. The story goes that before he died he wrote a book of black magic containing formula to evoke extremely powerful dark forces.
Furthermore, according to legend, the subterranean of the abbey are swarming with narrow tunnels leading to secret chambers which are inaccessible. Residents of Geneva believe that disturbing presences hide in the fog that covers the abbey at night…

Mittwoch, 4. Februar 2009

Getting started...

Welcome everybody to this brand new blog!!

Let me introduce ourselves:

My name's Sarah Burrini and I live in Cologne, Germany where I work as an illustrator and cartoonist. Amongst others I've published my work in the German edition of the MAD magazine, in the anthology "Panik Elektro", in Comicgate Magazine #3 as well as in the fanzines we publish with our lovely group Pony-X-Press. Besides I have a webcomic on the German site Comicgate.

My cousin's name is Camilla Martini. She studied Communication and Advertising in Vienna and currently lives in London, UK where she got her master's degree in screenwriting at the University of Westminster.

Obviously we just HAD to do a project together where we not only could live out our creativity but also indulge in our passion for mystery and horror stories!

By means of this blog I'd like you to accompany the process of developing a comic book story and we'll be very happy to get a lot of constructive feedback on it!!!
At the moment we're planning to do an introductive issue of 22 pages which we're very excited about!
But let's get to the story now...

is a supernatural mystery-thriller comic, featuring a 16 year-old college student named Florence as the central character and heroine.


Mother dead and father unknown, Florence is rescued from orphanage by a mystery man who pays for her to attend a prestigious boarding school in Geneva.

Coming from a working class environment, Florence feels out of place at the exclusive Dénoirdieu College, where the student body consists of the children of the international elite. During her escape attempt from the college she is hit by a direct bolt of lightning, and miraculously survives, but her life dramatically changes.

In fact, as a consequence of the lightning strike Florence develops clairvoyant abilities, perceiving information about future events and approaching dangers that involve people around her. Besides, Florence can now sense an evil presence lurking inside the college…

That's it for now. In the next days I'm going to publish more about the background of the story and the characters.
For those of you who come and visit, thanks in advance. I hope you enjoy it.