Mittwoch, 11. Februar 2009

The Abbess

Some more details about the background of the college:

The Abbess

The historical archives of the school refer that at the beginning of the twentieth century an Abbess became headmistress of the school. She chose severe educational methods, and gave the school grandeur and prestige.

Feared and respected by both students and members of the religious community, the abbess ran the school for 30 years, until she mysteriously disappeared.

The legend connected to the Abbess still survives in popular tales. It is rumoured that she was beautiful and never grew old. People who met her told she was a woman with magnetic, enigmatic eyes, intelligent, educated, and reserved. After her disappearance, strange rumours started going about.

The cemetery keeper claimed he had seen the Abbess moving around the graves in the dead of the night. A farmer claimed he had met her in the wood and he swore he had seen her vanish under his eyes. One of the students at the time revealed, before her suicidal, that the Abbess visited her every night in her dreams.

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  1. Auch zwei sehr geniale Zeichnungen. Madame Burrini, isch ziehä meinen `ut!