Mittwoch, 18. Februar 2009

Finding Florence

Hey guys,
this time I wanted to show how we worked on our protagonist's look.
I remembered how many character designers let themselves be inspired by actors, singers or other celebrities. The first time I noticed this consciously was in Harald Siepermann's work who's well known for his excellent work for Disney and luckily has been a teacher at the animation school I went to.

I was looking for a shy and mysterious girl, some kind of a "dark" beauty, fragile but clever...
Well, of course I stumbled on Wynona Ryder ( she actually had a career back in the 90ties before she took up shoplifting). She was just perfect in any sense.
I especially thought of her character in "Girl, Interrupted".

After my cousin and me agreed on that type I did a lot of scribbles. This is just a selection.

We decided on a more feminine type and I worked out a few details.

Then we still needed that little "something" which made her look special. Camilla thought of giving her a special taste in clothes and we decided on a kind of elegant "gothic lolita" (yeah, stupid term, I know). That's convenient for me, since that style is very trendy and I can find TONS of reference.
Finally, we were really happy. I did a coloured version which you can see in my earlier posts. Hope that was interesting for you!

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