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Florence’s background

Florence is a child who doesn’t know her father. She was raised in Rome by her French single mother Lydia, who refused to reveal the identity of the father. Florence is 15 when her mother dies of cancer. As she has no relatives who could care for her, she ends up in a public orphanage.

One year after Lydia’s death, the last Will and Testament of a well-known tycoon and notorious ladies’ man has a crucial impact on Florence’s future. On his death-bed, in the presence of a notary, Glauco Badetti appoints his illegitimate child as his sole heir. It is Florence.

Glauco nominates his brother Enrico as Florence’s guardian, and expresses his wish for her child to attend a boarding school with a tradition of academic excellence and rigorous disciplinary system. Switzerland is chosen.

Enrico suggests the Dénoirdieu College in Geneva, because “it’s one of the most exclusive international education institutions in the world”, says he. “Besides”, he adds, “it was our grand-grand-mother who contributed to the prestige and splendour of the school when she was headmistress. She’s the pride of our family.”

Glauco reproaches his brother. “There were strange rumours going about our grand-grand-mother. I wouldn’t be proud of her”, says he. Enrico blames him for being superstitious, but Glauco insists he doesn’t want Florence to attend the Dénoirdieu College.

Glauco dies that very night from lung complications. In his testament, he includes three clauses. He requests that his Will will be executed in all secrecy, in order to withhold Florence from the truth; that as testamentary executor and Florence’s guardian Enrico would act through the intermediation of a lawyer; that Florence would take possession of her inheritance only at the age of 24.

Convinced to work for the good of his niece, Enrico makes the decision not to indulge Glauco’s superstition. Instead he instructs a lawyer to contact Florence and tell her she will go to Geneva to attend the prestigious… Dénoirdieu College.

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