Montag, 2. März 2009

More scribbles...

Hey there again!
As you can see I put up some more scribbles.
Some readers suggested that the dialogue between the two brothers on page 4-5 in the previous post reveals too much information. We agree and are currently working on it.
Another reader comments there are too many changes of settings in the first pages.
What do you think?
The next 4 pages I put up stay longer with the protagonist. I also used some silly photo reference again. In the first panel I'll draw Florence stepping out of the train. I built a 3D taxi in Google Sketchup because I just hate drawing vehicles. This helps a lot.
So, let's hear your opinion!!
Yippie yay!!

1 Kommentar:

  1. The cab ride would be perfect to introduce some facts about the history of the school, the building it is located in an the surrounding landscape.
    Besides that I must say that i.m.h.o. the second page doesn't work right. There are 3 shots of the car, 2 shots of the girl looking around and only one shot of a detail she sees. I think that's redundant.
    Less car and more details, please ^__^

    But all in all it reminds me of Mike Mignola.
    Keep it up!